‘Un set de + à table’ – ‘A seat at the table’ 

We created the ‘A Place at the Table’ project together with International Social Service Switzerland to support the integration of young refugees and migrants in Geneva. By creating an opportunity for young migrants and refugees to build connections and personal relationships to locals, we hope to bring them out of the isolation and alienation they often find themselves in.

The project involves us introducing a young migrant or refugee, who has approached us, to a local family, couple or individual. These local Genevans then commit to regularly (at least twice a month) socialise with the young refugee or migrant they have been paired with, for a period of nine months. We hope that this leads to meaningful connection wherein the young migrant or refugee joins their local sponsors for meals, special occasions, and cultural and recreational activities, all the while practising their French.

Through this connection, the sponsors are expected to provide support to these young people. Whether it be by encouraging the young refugees or migrants, or by providing a listening ear, our hope is that these sponsors become a steady figure of individualised support and help for these young people.

We created this project in response to requests from the young migrants and refugees we work with for greater opportunities for social integration and contact with the local population here in Geneva.