Intercultural Mediation

Our intercultural mediators, as former refugees themselves, are uniquely well-placed to help create dialogue and direct communication between migrants and refugees and their host country. They know how to listen and understand-well the concerns and needs of migrants. This, coupled with their experience, means that they are well-placed to provide information and a helping-hand to newly-arrived refugees. They help refugees develop a relationship with local organisations and establishments as well as with the authorities, other associations and community groups.

Our experience shows that intercultural mediators not only help facilitate integration but can also be important to informing the institutional environment about the realities and challenges faced by refugees. Furthermore, they provide a connection between migrant generations and volunteers from all walks of life.

Moreover, through communication and awareness spreading, our intercultural mediators help deconstruct prejudices and build a warmer sense of community welcome in Geneva.

Activities facilitated by intercultural mediation:


  • Shared meals. We host shared meals, cooked by refugees, during which topics such as health, education or risk behaviour can be discussed and addressed. At these events, specialised professionals are invited-in to give presentations on their area of expertise. Our refugees are always happy to share their culture and at AMIC we take catering requests as a way of providing intercultural exchange and income for refugees. Please contact us here … or by other means at …
  • Social mediation. We provide social mediation and support to families as needed.
  • Cultural connection. We believe that refugees should be able to appreciate and enjoy their home country culture as well. Therefore, we host Tigrinya language classes, cooking workshops and traditional Eritrean dance classes. These workshops are led by migrants and provide a way for migrants to improve their skills as well as facilitating cultural exchange. These workshops are open to everyone.



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