In My Shoes

Through ‘In My Shoes’, we inform and spread awareness about the daily challenges faced by unaccompanied minor refugees and asylum seekers in Geneva.

We have created a series of eight videos which highlight these challenges. Each video involves two scenes. First, we present a situation in which an unaccompanied minor refugee is confronted by a challenge. This is followed by a scene in which a young Genevan is confronted by the same situation. 

Through these scenes, each video explores the ways in which two young people living in the same city can be confronted by the same situation, yet face very obstacles as a consequence of the difference in their life experience and familiarity with the environment.

We present these videos at schools in Geneva. After the screening, we organise a discussion between young Genevans and unaccompanied minor refugees.

These sessions help promote an awareness of the situations and challenges that face young unaccompanied minor refugees as well as bringing together the young refugees and young Genevans. This is important as these different groups of young people often do not interact with each other.

AMIC produced this series of videos in collaboration with Association Accroche and their ‘Active Scene’ project for Anti-Racism Week, 2016.



Le réveil from A ma place on Vimeo.

The meal

Le repas from A ma place on Vimeo.


Les devoirs from A ma place on Vimeo.


Les cours from A ma place on Vimeo.

The doctor

Le docteur from A ma place on Vimeo.

The map

La carte from A ma place on Vimeo.


L’argent from A ma place on Vimeo.

The bus

Le bus from A ma place on Vimeo.