A project to help unaccompanied minor refugees and young refugees find employment.

Since 2017, AMIC supports unaccompanied minor refugees in finding employment and developing greater independence through the construction of a long term projet. 

Our approach is to supplement existing public sector programs by developing a holistic method that offers an individualised program that includes psychosocial support and the opportunity of an internship with a company. Through the internships, we hope that the young refugees will gain valuable new skills, begin to develop a network and further practice their French.

The internships offer a chance for the refugees to gain contacts and a letter of recommendation. This opportunity represents a valuable step towards seeking an apprenticeship or employment for the young refugees. In the past these internships have included opportunities at a variety of firms, ranging from small family-run businesses to large multinational corporations and banks.

In addition to the internship program, we offer other workshops and activities including: school support, French language acquisition help and maths classes, aimed at helping the young refugees prepare for the EVA exams (these are state exams required of anyone seeking an apprenticeship in Switzerland). Furthermore, we also provide IT classes through our Hand-UP project.